Here are of some of the projects I am currently contributing to. Mostly I'm writing Java and Javascript at the moment, but I've got a checkered past with Ruby as well.

DynJS »
DynJS is a Javascript runtime for the JVM. I'm a core contributor on the DynJS project.
mod-lang-js »
mod-lang-js is the Javascript language module for Vertx.x and is used by both mod-lang-dynjs and mod-lang-rhino. I'm the module owner and core contributor for all three projects.
Nodyn »
Nodyn is a new, not-yet-complete clone of the Node.js API. It's my baby and kind of a skunkworks effort at this point.
TorqueBox »
TorqueBox is a Ruby application server that does some pretty amazing stuff. I'm a core contributor on the TorqueBox project.