I'm Lance Ball. I write software. I work for JBoss in a group called project:odd. Among other things, I get to work on new and experimental projects. In truth, that also means that I write and then throw away a lot of code. The upside is that I get to work on some projects that eventually grow legs and have a life.

Some Projects

Here are some of the projects that I have written or contributed to.

  • WildFly Swarm - A microservices framework and runtime for Java.
  • Vert.x - A reactive application framework and runtime for the JVM.
  • DynJS - A JavaScript runtime written for the JVM.
  • Nodyn - A Node.JS runtime written for the JVM.
  • TorqueBox - A JRuby application server.
  • jvm-npm - A JavaScript NPM module implementation for JVM JavaScript environments
  • fidelity - A lightweight, spec-compliant Promises/A+ implementation
  • rhq-metrics - A Node.js client for the JBoss RHQ Metrics Server

Things I've Said in Public

Sometimes I go places and talk about my work. Here are some videos of me doing that, or at least the slides I used.

Things I've Written Lately

I don't write a lot of blog posts, but if I do they end up here.

Custom NPM Init Scripts

Sat Feb 20 2016


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If I were a rich man. How to write an introductory bit of stuff

This is a simple Article

I will write some words here to see if this works.

And then I write some more.

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